Welcome to Global Communication Line

Our Company

Global Communication Line is a UK based Mobile Phones and IT Consultancy Company. We are specialised in procurement and distribution of B2B mobile phones and IT Solutions across the globe. We have developed strong relationships with the suppliers and buyers. Our aim is to build and strengthen trust relationships with the right partners.

Our Approach

Our aim is to provide high quality personalised service to buyers and suppliers across the globe. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our network base and ensuring that we manage the interests of all business partners.

How We Work

  • Refurb Items
  • Used Items
  • New
  • Technical Support
  • IT Services

We are currently dealing with the manufacture approved refurbished items. All of our items are coming with fresh and new look. Some item even comes with the a manufacture warranty period. We will accept the return within the 14 days of the invoice of an Item.

We have categorized our used items to A,B,C grade sometimes we can also provide a pristine stock from our suppliers. All used items comes without manufacture warranty. We able to provide some kind of seller warranty depend on the customer and the quantity of the items.

We have all the new Items with in a sealed box and the warranty according to the items description. For more details refer manufacturer website.

We are providing technical support such as installing the operating systems in to the PC/Laptop , upgrade your PC/Laptop , Trouble shooting and virus removal . our specialized team also can provide onsite support. We also setup new WLAN/LAN network to your office and we can maintain your existing WLAN/LAN network for you.

GCL is providing a IT services to all our valuable customers. We can install a database / web server ; create/maintain website , ecommerce site, and also we can develop iOS and android phone application for your requirements.